Why You Shouldn’t Rush Your Time

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Why You Shouldn’t Rush Your Time

If you are reading this, most likely, you feel that you’re being rushed in doing something that you are not ready to do. In the society that we live in, people judge us based on our age and where we are in life. If you are 30 and still don’t own your apartment, you not married, you have no kids, you are judged. If you 16 and have kids, people will judge you because, to them, you should know better. It’s doesn’t matter how old you are to accomplish what you want in life.

Take KFC; for example, the founder opened KFC when he was in his 60’s. People that still have kids at the age of 40 and 50 are a fantastic thing. SO I am going to tell you why you shouldn’t care about what others have to stay and why you shouldn’t rush your time.

Everyone has there own time

You might think that you are less successful than your friend from high school because they started to travel that world at the age of 20. All you have done was work and pay bills. That doesn’t mean you can’t travel the world. I made it my mission to travel at least once a year somewhere new or somewhere that I have been too before. Just because you are not successful now doesn’t mean you will never be successful. Your time will come when it’s also supposed, be on the lookout for the opportunity.

Don’t compare yourself to others

Comparing yourself to others is never ok. People work differently and have different dreams. When you see people on social media, you might think, “Wow, that person is so happy.” or “wow, they have it all, and I have nothing.” We’ve all been there at some point in our lives. But you have to admit; they have worked hard to get to where they are now. You have to think about what have you done to reach your goals and dreams.

Don’t tell people your plan

This, to me, is very important, and it applies to everything. When you start telling people what you are going to do, people can and will wish evil on you. Yeah, some people will support you and ride it out; others will not. People will say you can’t do it; you’re not smart enough, and so on. So stop telling people your plans. Keep doing what you do in the background, and once you make it, people will be shocked. You don’t need negative thoughts or negative people in your life.


Keep hustling; you will reach your goals and dream sometime in your life. When you feel like you are failing, remember, that is only an obstacle. You have to keep pushing yourself no matter what. I suggest you look at a motivational video on youtube; this helps me when I feel unmotivated.

No matter what happens, know you are good enough to accomplish your goals. Be yourself and take your time. Good things will happen to you once you set your mind to it.


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Why You Shouldn’t Rush Your Time