What I’ve Been Doing While on Lock-down

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What I’ve Been Doing While on Lock-down

Being on lockdown is never easy for anyone, except for me cause I am used to be being at home in my little world when I am not with my friends or at work. I enjoy being at home when I want too not when I am forced to as if I’m grounded.

But during these past few weeks, many things have happened, both good and bad. So I am going to tell you what I have been and you might pick up a few things and do them too.

Taking online classes

No, I don’t mean college classes, I mean like certificate classes and vocal course. I am currently using Shaw Academy and studying to get my Social media marketing certificate. Since I love social media, I figured, why not do it. I am also taking vocal classes online since I do like to sing, and it’s been a long time since I adequately trained and warmed up my vocal cords. Taking up an online class does make my day busy, which is good because I am still productive, and learning something new.

Getting Counseling

I have been to therapy before but nothing like this. Previously, when I used to go, I learned nothing about myself, all I learned was this is all a lie, and some therapist only cares about the money. But recently, I downloaded BetterHelp, an app that gives you virtual counseling. You can message your counselor at any time and even schedule a video call. I will talk about Better help at another time.

If you are seeking to get counseling for anything. Use Betterhelp and get one free week.

Started a new business

If you have not seen the quote on Instagram here, you go. Just because you are home doesn’t mean you can’t follow your dreams. I am starting a new business, and that is as far as I am going to take it. I will give more detail at a later time. But if you want to start a business, now is the perfect time to do so.

Create Content

Lately, I have been writing more and posting more on Youtube. Now is the perfect time to create content right now on a website, youtube, Tik Tok, or any platform you like. Don’t be shy to get yourself out there. Grab whatever you need and start creating useful content no matter what it is.

Took a Virtual Workshop

This past weekend, I took a virtual workshop with Kat Gaskin, founder of The Content Planner. The course is filled with four lessons, and it’s four hours long. In those four hours, I learned so much about content creation than I have in other courses. Kat goes in-depth about how to plan out your content on the planner for your business. All from color coding to hitlist, radar, and more.

Tell me about what you have been doing while being on lockdown.


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What I’ve Been Doing While on Lock-down