The Content Planner Virtual Workshop Review

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The Content Planner Virtual Workshop Review

If you know me, you know I love The Content Planner, I even wrote articles about it in My Favorite Tools To Use For My Business. Back in March, I took the very first Content Planner Virtual Workshop. So after a month, I have implemented pretty much everything I have learned, and I am going to cover everything that I have learned. I will leave a few little things out because the course does cost money and I prefer you to join and learn, but I will give you as much information as I can. 

First, let’s start with The Content Planner, a planner that cost $60. I know for some this might be pricey, but trust me, it’s worth it when you start planning out your content and seeing yourself and your business grow as you keep planning. The planner is 15 months so you can plan out 15 months’ worth of content, events, meetings, and more. 

The planner also brings stickers with different social media, email, phone, and other cute stickers to add to your planner based on what you are going to do for the week/month.

Now, let’s go into the course with the founder Kat Gaskin. When I first came across the content planner, I was happy about it. I order the planner back in 2017 for 2018. Since that day, I have been hooked. So when I found out she was doing a virtual class, I was quick to put my credit card information, also because my boyfriend told me to do it because he knows how much I love the planner, even offered to pay for it. 

The course consisted of four lessons, about an hour each. Which in my opinion, it lasted more like 2 hours because I was really into it. Once I looked at the time the four hours as passed and it was over. 

In lesson one, talks about content and the nine different type of content marketing. Believe it or not, there is nine, and I wish I can implement them all, but that would be a lot. She goes over this on her Instagram page in her quarantine posts that help every industry and planning your content. 

Lesson two was more about generating content ideas. As a blogger, YouTuber, and podcast host, it’s hard to generate ideas. Sometime I could go weeks and at times even month without doing anything because my brain is not flowing. So this lesson was beneficial, and she dived in on how we can generate ideas based on your industry. 

She does go over the 9×9 rules, which I found helpful in creating content, and thanks to the rule, I have been creating more content.

Lesson three was more into how to create a month worth of the plan, which is hard for some people, especially if you are just getting started in marketing your business. This took me a while since I had to plan April, and I have some already scheduled for May. Here she talks about being consistent, which it’s the most important for anything.

Lesson 4 and the very last lesson, it’s about the hit-list—a part in the planner that is in every month. Here you will write who you would like to work with that month. Let’s say you want to work with a brand or public figure; you will write it on your hit-list and go from there.

During each lesson, we where all asking questions and we did have mini breaks to grab a snack and something to eat. We also had breaks after each lesson to write down in our planner our new ideas. During this time, my mind along with everyone else in the course was floating and writing everything down.

Overall this course is worth the money, which is costs $184. If you have a business you want to grow but stuck in the same place, I highly recommend this course. You will learn a lot about marketing your business the right way and customize it your own way.

The planner is currently on sale for $47.99 grab yours now before they are entirely sold out. 


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