My Favorite Tools To Use For My Business

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My Favorite Tools To Use For My Business

When starting a business, it’s never an easy thing to do. You have to do a lot of research and planning and so on. But today, I am going to share with you the tools I like to use for my business. I believe that you need the essential tools to get things started, no matter how small or big they are. So I will give you information on the tools that I use every day from start to finish.


Tailwind has been around for a hot minute, and a lot of people are still using it. I like using Tailwind when I am going to schedule a post for my Pinterest and Instagram. The best thing that I love about Tailwind is that they automatically post your content at the best time for you. Tailwind knows when your page gets the most interaction, so it will post during that time. More interacting more like which equals more followers.

Join Tailwind now and get one month free!


I have been using Planoly for about a year now, and I use it to plan out my Instagram page, recently they added Pinterest into the mix. But I still prefer to use it only for Instagram because I can actually see how my feed will look. You can move the photos around before it’s scheduled to post on Instagram. 


Vsco is one of a kind app that you can on your mobile phone for free. They do have a paid version that offers more filters, this enables you to customize your photos to your liking, fix the lighting, contrast, and so on. You can download VSCO using an iPhone or Andriod. 


Lightroom is similar to VSCO, but it’s powered by Adobe, the app is free to use when you download it to the phone but not on the computer. The best part about Lightroom is that hey made it easier for you to edit your photos. You can set albums and select which photo you want to delete and move on to the next photo by a simple swipe left or right.

Creative Market

This company is definitely one of my favorites when it comes to fonts, graphics, themes, and so on. If you are looking for fonts, templates, stock photos, this is an excellent place to start. When you sign up, you get 6 free items every Monday directly to your email. Creative market has thousands of things that you can use for your business. 


If you already have a phone, you are good. Nowadays, phone companies are starting to roll out with better cameras, so you no longer need and DSLR. Although I did own a DSLR camera, it broke, and I started using my phones to help me record and take photos. Now that I have invested in the Note 10 +, I do a lot less editing, and the quality comes out amazing. At the time, even better than a DSLR. 

Large Memory (external drive at least 1TB)

This is important, start a business, you will notice how much space you actually need. I started mine with 500 GB, I invest in a 2TB external because I am running out of my space on my laptop. But as a creator on youtube, my video takes up a lot of space as well, so the more space you have, the better.

The Content Planner

I have used planners before, but none like this. The Content planner is perfect when you are creating something. If you want to launch a business, create content for youtube, maybe you want to start posting on social media because you are a coach, doctor, dentist, or wherever career you are in. This planner can help you plan out your content accordingly. I love the content planner and for what it stands for. Kat, if you are reading this, keep rocking it girl. I am expecting to buy 2021, 2022, and 2023 planners when the time comes. 

Right now the content planner is 20% off so get it while supplies last!

Gel Ink Pen

Photo: The Empire Woman

I love gel ink pens, and the founder of the content planner is to blame for (in the right way, of course). I have tried many plans, but lately, I have been looking for pens that don’t smudge or bleed. So I have invested in TUL and Zebra retractable pens. These pens do not bleed nor smudge, which to me, is a huge plus!


I have been using Trello for a while now, and it’s perfect for start-ups or for projects. Trello has templates that you can copy and use for yourself and customize it your liking. You can use Trello for free and pay if you ever want more features, but in all honesty, the open plan is just as good. Trello is very user friendly and the original app that allows you to plan things out for any project you might have in mind to start. 


Asana is perfect for business who has a team, but it’s okay if you are alone as well. You can Asana for anything you want, and if you are more of a list type of person, you can see it as a list. But if you like boards, you can add board as well for your liking. The best feature I like is the timeline, which tells you when the project is due, and the color will change as it gets closer. Asana does have a free version, but they also have three paid versions.


Slack is suitable for those who have a team, it’s the new way to email within the company. Using slack can let you communicate with people outside of your team. For example, you might be part of the social media team but you need to contact someone within the team of marketing through slack you can without having to send an email and the response is fast. Some companies even have meetings using this app. I use slack when it comes to my youtube channel since I have another person on my team who, at times, helps me edit my videos, and we talk on there for the most part. 


I love setting my day using a candle. Candles, to me, is the most important thing to start my day and end it. I like to light up a candle and leave the room for a few minutes, that way, when I come in, the room smells refreshed, and I can start my day.

If you want to start a business and have don’t know where to start, you can check the legal stuff 1st. Learn the different structure for a company, they are all different in their own way. 


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