I Finally Tried The Curly Girl Method

I Finally Tried The Curly Girl Method

Here Are My Thoughts

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Growing up, I never liked my curly hair. I never wanted to embrace them only because I couldn/t tame them. If you have curly hair, you already know it hard to maintain them if you do not use the right products. So growing up, all I did was relax my curls, used blow dryers, and flat iron almost every single day. 

A few months ago, a few of my co-workers saw my natural hair because I was too lazy to make it straight. They told me I should keep it curly and to stop damaging my hair so much. Although I didn’t listen to them, I noticed my hair becoming damaged as the time went on until I said f**k it and kept it curly. 

I was looking everywhere online on how to make my curls healthy from all the heat tools, and bleach. Lord behold, I found the Curly Girl Method, and I can honestly say, although it’s a pain in the ass at times, I am never going back to using a flat iron unless I need too for x, y, and z reason. 

My research started all on youtube, and I came across Spisha’s videos, and I started looking up all the products she used to make her hair grow. After I got a few of the products, I had already noticed a difference in my hair. 

Now when I was serious about keeping my hair curly, I did more research and found so many products, like Diva Curl (I will never use it nor recommend anyone to use it), Not Your Mother Curl Talk (I highly recommend it), along with other brands that I am currently trying out. 

Now, after the years of damage, my hair is not back to its natural ways. I am still working on it every day. The first step was to really cleanse my hair and my scalp. If you want to go curly, follow these steps because trust me, it will make a huge difference. 

I ended up buying the VO5 Daily Clarifying shampoo. Now before I get more into this shampoo, let me tell you not to use it every day. Clarifying shampoo strips everything from the hair, silicon (which is terrible for your hair), but all of the natural oils. This is good to use about once a month to get a deep clean.

Now, I do not wash my hair daily, but I do wet it just too reactive the products that I used the day before. At times, I do add more products to help enhance my curls.

Once my hair is nice and wet, I go in with all of my products:

Those are the top products that I use on my hair every single day except for the protein, conditioner masque, and oils. Now there are manly companies that claim that their products are meant for curly hair, but the truth is told; it’s a lie. I have used so many products that I had no idea that contains first-aid alcohol. Now, if that doesn’t scream lies, I don’t know what will.

No matter what kind of curls you have, you should find something that works for you. If you have wavy hair, find products that work for your hair, if you have kinky curls, find products that work for you. Not all curly hair is the same, and some hair needs more attention than others. 

My hair needs to be hydrated daily because it’s still damaged and recovering from all the cold last week while in New York, and also recovering from all the damage from the heat tools, bleach, and hair color.

If you want to learn more about The Curly Girl Method, I suggest grabbing the book or read the whole thing right here for free.

I will continue to do the Curly Girl Method for as long as I can and get my curls to the place I know they can be. 


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