How To Guest Post Like A Boss

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How To Guest Post Like A Boss

So, you started your website, congratulation you did the 1st step. You might be thinking what can you do now/ You just launched your site, you have a few readers visiting here and there. But what can you actually do to gain more traffic besides being consistent on social media and posting on your website? Well, the simple answer is to guest post on other blog sites.

When you guest post on another website or blog, you’re allowing yourself to be introduced to a whole crowd of people. You will be exposing who you are and your website as well. You can always backlink your site, so when users click on it, it will redirect back onto your website.

So here are a few key things to keep in mind if you want to start guest posting on other websites. 

Pick the right blog to guest post on

You might be in a rush to guest posts on any website that will actually accept you. I suggest you do not rush into it. Just like you wouldn’t want to rush into a relationship without knowing the facts first. Do your research on the blog site you wish to guest post on. Check to see what kind of articles they write. They might have followers that you can reach out too. 

Think about if their style matches yours if it does good you got the green light. If not, keep looking for another website that you wish to guest post and do the same thing.

Consider that their audience needs

For this section, you really want to take a look at their followers, comments, who actually read on their website. What can you offer their followers/readers that they didn’t? You have to keep in mind that everyone likes different things.

Build a relationship

At this point, it time to start grabbing their attention. You can do this by following them on social media, liking, and commenting on their post. The more you do this, they are more likely to start noticing you. Start building a conversation with them online and becomes besties

Submit your articles on time

Once you are in, submit your articles on time. By doing so, you are building a relationship with the website that is having you. If you do not, you are risking ruining your reputation, and the company no longer wants you. If you agreed on a time-frame on when you should post, do it. Do not ruin your reputation only because you forgot or you didn’t have the time. Plan out your content ahead of time by using a planner.

How To Pitch

Pitching is one of the most essential things that can do for yourself and your business. Sadly, companies are not going to be emailing you to guest post on their site unless you are really known, or they are a scam. But pitching doesn’t have to be hard at all. I have created this for you to use, although I suggest that you tailor it to fit your tone and style. 

Hi (name)

My name is ____________ and I’m the founder of ______________. We specialize in (what you do). I’ve been reading (your blog) for a while, and I love the content that you create. I was looking through your content, and I noticed that you don’t have any post on (topic). 

I’d love to write a post for you on (topic) and share with your audience some of my best tips. This post will include (subject #1, subject #2, subject #3). 

Let me know if you are interested in having this on your website for your audience. I am looking forward to hearing back from you.


(your name)


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