How To Get Endorsements By Companies

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How To Get Endorsements By Companies

If you are new to being a social media brand or influencer, you might be wondering how you can get endorsements from big companies. You know, like free makeup, free items of clothing, and so on. I have to grab both small and big companies’ before, so I got chances to try new things before they hit the market.

So I’m going to share with you ways that you can start get endorsements within a few months or even weeks.

Be consistent

No matter what you are currently doing, make sure sure you are consistent about it. If you are a blogger, post at least twice a day, maybe three on your blog site. If you are a youtube post at least once a week and when possible post twice a week. This will help companies see that you are consistent and willing to put in the work.

Reach out

This may sound scary to you, but reach out. Look, the worst that a company can say is no. Reach out to them, let them know who you are and what you need and what kind of value you can bring to them. You want to include the following:

  • Link to website
  • Link to all social media account
  • Media Kit that states your following and so on. You can find one here.

This helps you get your foot into the door to some of the best businesses out there.

Be yourself

One of the key things that companies are looking for is for you to be yourself. Some companies might tell you that you can no talk about the product (been there). But it’s your duty, to be honest with your readers/viewers. Don’t promote something that you know in your heart is no good. Tell the company that is not who you are, and they can either honor it or tell you no deal. 

Be open-minded

Listen to what companies want as a return. Don’t jump on a deal until you know all the details. Ask questions if you need to that is perfectly fine and normal. Maybe the company might ask you to have an article or video in two days within receiving the items. So listen to all the details since that will help you take your next step.

Be Professional

This believes it or not is hard for most people. Whether you are meeting with a company face to face or sending out an email, make sure it’s professional. You want to dress in all black for the first face to face meeting and slowly dress with colors. If you are writing an email, make sure to check all your grammar, ask a family or friend to read it over for you. 


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