How To Design a Beautiful Blog Site

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How To Design a Beautiful Blog Site

So you have a blog idea set, you know what you want to write about, but you have no idea how to design your site. You might not even have a clue what it should look like and have. This is why I am here to share with you how to design a beauty blog site. When it comes to creating a website, it can get hard if you don’t have a clue. You have to learn about plugins, tweaking colors, fonts, and so more. When you buy a theme, they will have to bring their preset, but it’s up to you to change it to the way you like. 

If it wasn’t for a lot of trial and error that I learned everything, I am going to tell you right now.

Learn CSS

I will let you know right away that you need to learn some CSS. I recommend you using CSS on Codeacademy or W3school. CSS is what will help your site with colors, among other things. You can change the size of the menu, colors, and any minor things that you wish to change. Most themes have a section for you to type out your coding. Here is an example of mine. 

Keep some white space

Having some white space on your site will look clean and organized. Don’t overcrowd your website; you want your readers to find articles more accessible. They won’t be able too if they see your website is too crowded. 

Pick a theme that best fits your

This is not a one size fits all type of website. You want to make sure you buy a theme that best works for you and your dream. Has the things that you are looking for similar designs? Do you need woo-commerce? Most themes don’t support this, so you want to make sure it’s able to handle those plugins you might want to add. 

Look at other blog sites

You might have been doing this already; if not, I suggest you look into another site that is doing what you want to do. Look at their themes and see how they have their website set up. I got a lot of inspiration from different blog sites, and you can do it too. Every industry has a different look and feel, and yours will also be. 


Plugins are what helps your theme and website work properly. You might want to start thinking about what kind of plugins you want. Do you need a security plugin that will help detect people trying to hack your site? Do you want to sell it? As a blogger, I suggest you get for sure is the SEO plugin, which will help you get more on Google search. 

Clean Images

When picking or taking photos for your blog, make sure it’s nice and clean. Don’t use dark images since that will not catch the attention of your reader. To edit your photos, I recommend these apps: 

  • Vsco
  • Lightroom

These two apps are useful to use and are both free for when using it on your phones. If you want more advanced filters, I suggest purchasing preset from Creative Market.


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