How To Clean Your Phone – Properly

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How To Clean Your Phone – Properly

Our phones can go unnoticed at times and we neglect to clean them, but did you know that your phone is dirtier than a toilet in a public restroom? When you think about it, it’s true, most people don’t even clean their phones, at least not the right way. Our phones touch a lot of things, out hands, face, tables, other people’s hands, but when you think about it, we touched so many things as well that we are putting it on our phones. 

I like to clean my phone a lot, maybe even more than most people. Since I have acne-prone skin, my face hates dirt and I break out very easily. Therefore my phone is always clean and I hate it when it’s really dirty. 

Stop sharing your phones with other people

I mentioned this in my podcast today. Sharing your phone with other people extends the spread of the virus. You have no idea where their hands as been, therefore, you are are at risk of getting the virus. Keep in mind to always use hand sanitizers when touching something if you do not have soap and water around. 

Use a disinfecting wipes

Use wipes to clean your phone. They contain the right amount of alcohol needed, just make sure is at least 60% of alcohol. Other kinds of Coronaviruses can last up to nine days on your phones. People are special about washing their phones and dipping it in alcohol and I suggest that you do not do that. You will ruin your phone. But you can use a microfiber towel and wet it a side of it and wipe it down.

If you have an apple phone, rest assure that you can wipe your phone down with any disinfecting wipes. 

Wash your hands!

Ok now in all serious talk, you need to wash your hand every time. The second you get home wash your hands before dinner, wash your hands. You at work? Wash your hands. We touch millions of things every day, and the only way to remove them 100% is by washing your hands. Some people might think washing heir hands with just water is enough and they are 100% wrong. Wash your hands with soap for at least 20 sec or sing happy birthday to yourself. 

Keep your phone out of the bathroom

I know, you like to scroll down your Instagram feed and know what is happening in the world. But honestly stop, according to CNN your phone is at least 18 times dirtier than your bathroom and all your doing is adding more bacteria. Cnn also recommends that you looking to the Phonesoap, which it’s the first of it’s kind. You will be able to have your phone fully clean within 10 minutes.


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