How To Be a Confident Badass Woman

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How To Be a Confident Badass Woman
We are currently living a world that some of us don’t feel confident in. We look at influencers on social media, and most you might be wishing you looked like them. Maybe you want them to have, or the same friends. You might be wondering how you can be that confident and be a badass like them.

I have felt this way before, and I have zero shame in saying it. Tha’s why I am going to share with you what I have done to feel confident in myself.

One day you will have the confidence you have always wanted.

Be grateful

Being grateful every day for everything that you have is the best way to start. Think about it, maybe you want Kylie Jenner’s cars because you don’t have one. But think about it what you have that others can’t. For example, a family, love, happiness, technology for work/school, eyes, hands, feet. All those little things are enormous for others that wish they can have what you have. So every morning, I say what I am grateful for, no matter how small or big it is. 

Focus on your things

Ok, now time to get real with you. You have to stop focusing on other people 24/7 and start focusing on you. Maybe you are behind on something because of something or someone in your life. You have to take time and focus on you. Work on any project you need to do; take care of your mind and body.  Now get your shit together and do things that you make you feel empowered and happy.

Get out of your comfort zone

To be confident, you have to learn how to get out of your comfort zone and into the spotlight. This is hard for most people because none of us likes to be in the spotlight. I know I don’t and still don’t, hell I try to hide and run away. But do things that you would love to do but always been afraid of doing. This will slowly help you build the confidence you want. 

Hangout alone

Yes, this may sound lonely, but you have to learn how to hang out with yourself. Love yourself enough to go to the movies alone, have dinner apart. You have to have enough confidence in this because once you do, you will feel amazing. You might feel weird a few times, but you’ll get used to it. Read this article about taking yourself out on dates. You will be shocked by how many times you take yourself out already.

Dress up for yourself

I love this one the most. Never dress up to look for someone else, dress up to look for you. There is nothing worse than dressing up for some else in something you don’t feel confident in. Look at your clothes and try everything on, mix and match things up. If you see a piece of clothing that you like, “ Eh, I don’t feel pretty in this” donate that item away or sell it on Poshmark. Wear clothing that you know for one you look good in, and the second feel like a badass woman in.

Be fearless

The last step is to be fearless. Look, I know being confident is hard for many people out there. But, the beauty of it all is that your not alone in this journey. You have to be fearless enough to take the leap and do the things you want. Take your life back and make it better. Nothing is easy in this world, but once you are fearless enough, you will have control of things that you can control.

Don’t be afraid to take new risks in your life that can change your life. If you have any advice on how to be a confident badass woman comment below and help other women feel confident about themselves.


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