5 Ways To Set Your Intentions For The Day

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5 Ways To Set Your Intentions For The Day

Some people wake up and look at our phones, scrolling through social media, check emails, and so on, while others won’t look at their phones for a few minutes or maybe even hours. You see, everyone has their routine in the morning and even at night. But I am going to talk on you can set your intentions for the day, by doing a few little things that will not take up of your morning, maybe an hour or less depending on you.

I am the type of person that likes to wake up early, I mean at 5 am I am up, now more like 7 am I am up. No, I am not telling you to take up that early if you choose not too although it is an excellent way to start the day and do things early to have more time in the day to do other things.

Be grateful

First things first are when you are waking up, don’t grab your phone. You want to start your day happy, not scrolling through Instagram, wondering what everyone is up too. If you do that, you are setting up your day to be compared to theirs, and that is not good. The first thing that you should do is say thank you. Be grateful for waking up another day in this world when some else didn’t. Be thankful for the house you have, the sun, and any little things. Some people don’t have what you have.


If you have some time in the morning, meditate for about 5 minutes or longer. If you can’t, that is fine, 1 minute or two is good too, and it will help you last longer in your meditation in the future. It might be hard to clear your head while meditating, and that is fine, it happens to all of us. I would suggest focusing on your breathing or following this video on youtube. I recommend you download Headspace or Calm to start your new meditation journey.


Journaling has changed my life in a way that I can’t explain. Thanks to journaling, I have gotten my life together before, and I recently started journaling again. Journaling is a way to get out all of your emotions and set them free. You can use a notebook, the notepad on your laptop notes on your phone, or create a Google/Word doc.

Set a candle

Setting a candle in your house or your space will help you feel relaxed and help get your day started. I recently ran out of candles, so I have to shop for more. But, you can light up some candles while you do all the above.


The best way to set your intentions for the day is to say your affirmations. Whatever you believe, it just means it. I wrote an article recently on the Affirmation and what you should be telling yourself every day during the day and night before sleeping. Saying your affirmations will help you get that boost of motivation that you need.

Now, after you have done all this, you can look at your phone if you wish, or you can get started working on your business.

What do you do to set your intentions for the day?Do you meditate, workout, yoga, let us know.


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