5 Ways To Deal With Negativity at Work

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5 Ways To Deal With Negativity at Work

If you are a sensitive person, you might be able to pick up other people’s energy quickly, more than others. You might be able to have mix emotions about it, you might start caring about what person have to say about you, or maybe how they treat you. Especially in places like work, which we all have been there.

You’re not the only one. I do deal with stuff like that I work, and at times I still do, and that is part of life. Negative things will keep being there, no matter how much you try to be positive. So how can you deal with it and keep moving forward? Let’s jump right into it.

Please don’t listen to them

Like I mentioned earlier, you might be the type that takes things to heart and get hurt about it. But one thing is this; they don’t know you, they have no clue what you go through in your personal life, that’s why it’s called personal. Ignore what they have to say and move forward with your job. 

Tell them to back off

Everyone gets to a point where they can’t take any more of that person’s negative energy. So you sit them down and tell them how you feel. If they chose not to listen, take the next approach by telling your manager, hopefully, that will work, but if it doesn’t tell them to shut up and you keep doing your thing. 

Cleanse yourself from it all

When you get a chance, take time for yourself at least 30 minutes to an hour. Do whatever you must do to feel better that could be sage, mediating, use your crystals and chakra. Before leaving a working, smile, and walk out, that will uplift your mood, which I will talk more about next.


Those bitter people hate to see you smile. A smile always uplifts your mood, remember you choose how you can feel any time of the day. So when you are feeling down, mad, or whatever smile and watch a funny cat video to laugh. It only takes 26 muscles to smile and 62 to frown according to how stuff works.

Talk to other people

Talking with others about the situation is good since they can support you and give you advice. You might be surprised by how much people will stick up for you. I have supported some of the previous co-workers and current co-workers. At times having that extra support will help you through the day. 


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