10 Biggest Fears Entrepreneurs Have To Overcome

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10 Biggest Fears Entrepreneurs Have To Overcome
The other day I posted an Instagram story about what are your biggest fears when it comes to opening a business. Many had a lot to say, so I picked the ones that were asked the most. Starting a business is not easy, but it’s also not impossible. Most people believe that opening and business you need a lot of things. Honestly, you don’t need many things to start one. The real meaning of being an entrepreneur is that you will have your good and bad day. Things will be hard at first and become easier or vice versa for some people.

You can read your affirmations all you want; one real thing is that we all have fears when it comes to opening a business. When I first wanted to start my business/blog site, I had concerns. I was scared no one would read my content, that my blog wouldn’t succeed, and so on. 

1. Loyalty 

Believe it or not, some people are scared of loyalty. Many have told me this, and I agree. When you start a business and have a team, it’s hard to build that trust. You have no clue if that person will steal an idea and sell or make it their own. Many companies fear that from their employees. I would suggest just trusting them, but if you start to see something weird going on, you have the choice to talk to them or fire them. In the end, it’s your business, and you have the right to do what you feel it’s right. I also suggest having a contract, meaning they can’t sell, share, steal any content, or information to someone else. 

2. Not enough funds to start

Unfortunately, many people do not start their business because of funds. When starting a business, there are many ways to get funds:

  • Loans
  • Grants
  • Angel investors (like Bill Gates)

As you see, there are ways, but don’t be discouraged; you can honestly start a business with about $100-$500 from your house and online. For example, You might want to start an online store. You have to think about the legal stuff and the website theme and so on. You can look up information through Shopify and SBA. If you want to open a hair salon, that will cost you more, but if you are good at your job, and so are your stylists, you will have clients coming in left and right. 

3. Not enough resource

Believe it or not, people still lack resources when it comes to opening a business. Some might not have access to what we have right now. If you lack resources like information, please visit SBA. That website has all the support you need and more. You will learn a lot about businesses and if you need a permit or license for your business. 

4. Not knowing where to start

Most entrepreneurs have no idea where even to start when it comes to opening a business. There is a lot that goes into it, and you must do your research. I suggest you buy the book Starting an Online Business For Dummies. Honestly, this book helped me out a lot when I started my blog site—all from planning my launching date to the legal, how to get loans, and so much more.

5. Not attracting customers

I get it; it ‘s hard to attract customers and for them to buy your product/service. I have been there and done that. The best way to start attracting customers is to start promoting your product/services on social media. People will be more interested in investing once you start showing them a few of your products online. Announce when you are going to open/launch your business. 

6. Not the right time

Most entrepreneurs feel that it’s not the right time to start a business. This might be because they have a lot going on in their life, or they are fearing not succeeding, which we will get into later on. There will never be the right time to start a business; you have to start it. If you keep on waiting for the right moment, that moment might never come. You have to make the moment come by starting it right now.

7. Not Succeeding

Everyone is scared of no succeeding in anything that they do. Not succeeding is fear that we can’t shake off our bodies or mind at times. You have to have more self-confidence and whatever it takes to succeed, to start getting those customers or viewers. I’m not saying go out there and do bad things either, but do what you feel will be the right move to succeeding in your business.

8. Not spending enough time with family

Being an entrepreneur is never easy, but when it comes to family, that is a tricky one. Most of us fear that our families will judge us because we have to give all of our time and dedication to our business. 

The best thing that you can do is have a talk with your family and agree on a time. This way, your family and still see you for dinner and bedtime if you have kids.

9. Crisis

The world deals with crises all the time; this time around, it has affected many businesses, including my own, believe it or not. We will never know when an emergency will happen for our business and that when you have to think about what you need to do. Creating a plan with budgeting is essential for any business. The hardest thing is to let employees go, but if you have to do it during this crisis, they will understand.

10. Nothing goes right

This is one of the feelings that I get most people. As an entrepreneur, at times, nothing will go right; other times, everything will go directly. It’s a rollercoaster that you have to deal with him. At first, you will feel like everything is going entirely only to find out that it’s not due to whatever reason. Things will get better but don’t give up, keep your head high and look forward. 


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